Oticon More

The latest hearing devices from Oticon support your brain and auditory system by giving it more of what it needs to make better sense of the sound around you. Oticon More is the first hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN), which is a type of machine learning that mirrors the way the brain learns. The Oticon More hearing aids have been trained with over 12 million sounds from real life, so they can react the way a brain would react. These impressive devices also come with other advanced features like rechargeable batteries, bluetooth connectivity and tinnitus features.

Key Oticon More Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity that works with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Oticon's new Polaris platform with 2x the computation capacity and speed of the previous platform
  • Tinnitus relief feature that can be activated through the hearing aids, making ringing in the ears less noticeable
  • The Oticon On app, which operates as the central hub for controlling modern Oticon hearing aids, including Oticon More
  • Oticon More miniRITE-R rechargeable style that allows for overnight charging or charge-on-the-go with Oticon’s new SmartCharger

Great group

"I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr Griffin and the staff know their stuff."

Marie S.

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