Signia AX

Signia hearing aids were spun off from the former Siemens hearing instruments division of Siemens AG.  The new brand has retained the same innovative culture as Siemens and has recently introduced a number of new innovations in hearing aid technology. Their latest hearing aid platform, Signia AX, uses their new Augmented Focus technology to separate the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and create a clearer output. These devices also have Own Voice Processing (OVP), which helps new wearers adapt to the sound of their voice. Signia has reported that wearers reported in a recent study that AX wearers experienced more than 25% better speech understanding in noise than with their previous hearing aid technology.

Important Signia AX Features:

  • Recharge the Signia AX hearing aids on-the-go with their new portable battery charging system
  • Experience a more natural-sounding own voice with Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • Stream music, phone calls and more into your hearing aids with Android & iPhone connectivity
  • Get relief for your tinnitus with the Tinnitus relief feature in the Signia smartphone app
  • AX is available in a number of styles, including Pure Charge & Go AX, Styletto AX, Pure Insio Charge & Go AX and more

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"I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr Griffin and the staff know their stuff."

Marie S.

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