Starkey Evolv

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids bring the power of artificial intelligence to hearing aid technology, giving users never-before-possible performance in the most difficult listening environments. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, Evolv AI hearing aids are designed to automatically deliver realistic and natural sound quality in every listening environment so patients can hear and enjoy life to its fullest. According to Starkey, these new devices provide an additional 40% reduction in noise energy, which is meant to reduce listening effort for the user. Using Starkey's bluetooth connectivity, Evolv wearers can stream phone calls and experience music in stereo - the way it was meant to be heard.

Key Starkey Evolv Features:

- Body tracking, brain tracking and fall detection through the Starkey Thrive app
- Remote programming (Telehealth) for adjustments without needing to visit the hearing aid office
- Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and Android phones, including 2-way connectivity for some models
- A lithium-ion rechargeable option

Great group

"I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr Griffin and the staff know their stuff."

Marie S.

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