Widex Moment

The main objective in any new hearing technology is to make the experience of its users easier and more natural-sounding. Widex Moment is a new intelligent hearing aid from WS Audiology that uses machine learning to learn alongside the user. This new device also has the ability to automatically adapt to different listening situations based on these learnings. Another significant feature is the new ZeroDelay technology, which eliminates the distortion and artificial sound often associated with hearing aids. In addition to its machine learning and quick sound processing, the Moment hearing aids also feature rechargeable models, bluetooth connectivity and tinnitus relief features. 

Key Widex Moment Features:

  • ZeroDelay, the ultra-fast signal processing that reduces the delay between microphone and helps create a more natural sound
  • The mRIC RD model, the smallest rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) available
  • Widex Zen therapy, providing sounds that create a relaxing sound background for those who suffer from tinnitus.
  • Bluetooth support and streaming from both Apple and Android devices, like smartphone and tablets
  • SoundSense Learn, which uses real-time information to help users customize their sound even further

Great group

"I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr Griffin and the staff know their stuff."

Marie S.

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