At Hearing + Balance Clinics in Lavonia, Loganville and Watkinsville/Athens, we offer a number of hearing-related services to both childen and adults.

Pediatric Hearing Tests

If your baby doesn't have a screening before going home is important get their hearing checked within the first 3 month of life.

Aural Rehabilitation

Our office takes a person-centered approach to addressing your hearing loss.

Hearing Aids + Hearing Aid Fittings

The decision to be proactive about your hearing health is the start of a wonderful journey to better communication and overall quality of life.

APD Testing & Treatment

The evaluation of APD can only be done by a Doctor of Audiology.

Adult Hearing Tests

When you arrive for your appointment, the audiologist will introduce themselves and explain what tests will be performed in your appointment.

Balance Testing

The inner ear is home to the hearing and balance centers.

Earwax Removal

The safest way to remove earwax is to consult with a specialist who is trained in audiology.

Tinnitus Treatment

We offer treatment for tinnitus at our 3 locations

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