APD Testing & Treatment

APD Testing & Treatment

The evaluation of APD can only be done by a Doctor of Audiology.

Evaluation of APD

The evaluation of APD can only be done by a Doctor of Audiology. This evaluation can take up to two hours to complete due to the tasks and subtests that are Involved. Our evaluation process consists of the following individual tests:

  1. In depth questionnaires filled out by the parent/patient pertaining to the processing difficulties suspected.
  2. Telehealth consultation to determine the ways your child is receptive and attentive to testing, obtain a more thorough history of the noted issues, and address any questions and/or concerns.
  3. Comprehensive Audiometric Evaluation to assess hearing levels, speech in quiet situations, the pathways sound is traveling through the ear, and middle ear function.
  4. APD Evaluation utilizing both auditory and visual testing protocols as well as cortical brain responses to evaluate areas within the brain that are causing a specific weakness during communication.
  5. Telehealth feedback consultation to review findings, discuss appropriate treatment plans, and address any questions/concerns.

Therapy for APD

Following a diagnosis of APD, a patient centered therapy plan will be recommended. Therapy can include in office therapy, at home therapy, or a combination of both. Some examples of what may be included in a therapy plan are below.

  • Phonemic Training to strengthen skills that are required for quick and accurate decoding of speech (important for learning to read and spell.)
  • Phonemic Analysis Training to take apart words and break them into individual sounds (important for developing more complex reading and spelling skills.)
  • Speech-in-Noise Training to improve ability to pull out speech from background noise (important for developing tolerance to noise and discrimination between sounds.)
  • Auditory Memory Training to improve short-term memory (important for organization and task development.)

Insurance for APD

While some insurances may cover the costs associated with the evaluation and/or therapy, our office is not contracted in network with any insurance plans for these services. It is the responsibility of the patient and/or parent to determine financial responsibility with their insurance company for reimbursement purposes. We can provide the necessary information regarding these services to better address questions regarding reimbursements, if available, with your insurance company.

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