Balance Testing

Balance Testing

The inner ear is home to the hearing and balance centers.

Neurodiagnostic testing

The inner ear is home to the hearing and balance centers. The receptors within the inner ear allow signals to be received and processed by a variety of locations within the central nervous system in the brain. Unlike imaging studies which only show the anatomy or structures, this family of test allows your physician to better understand how the System is working and where a problem may arise. Depending on your condition your physician may recommend evaluation of the hearing and or balance centers or both, as they are all part of the inner ear. All testing is easy, comfortable, and use advanced technology.

Your visit will include a variety of simple but technically advanced test using computers and highly specialized equipment. There will be no pins or needle sticks. Your appointment will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Depending on your specific condition, some of the testing may provoke a sense of motion, which typically subsides and does not last beyond a few minutes. Your ENT physician will schedule a follow up appointment with you to review your test results and next steps. 

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