Hearing Aids + Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aids + Hearing Aid Fittings

The decision to be proactive about your hearing health is the start of a wonderful journey to better communication and overall quality of life.

Taking the Next Step after learning about your loss

The next step toward correcting hearing loss can be daunting. Oftentimes, patients are hesitant when choosing to move forward with the treatment process for a variety of reasons (i.e. cost, denial, worry, etc.).  Audiologists with Hearing + Balance Clinics will work with and guide each patient through the process and their concerns individually.

Many options are available when choosing to correct your hearing loss. With our education of how your ears and brain work as well as the many years of combined clinical experience helping individuals just like you – our audiologists and staff are ready to join you on the journey of correcting your loss.

We look at each patient as an individual. We will assess your lifestyle and communication struggles to find the perfect solution for you. Our patient centered approach combines comprehensive audiological evaluations with the latest technology and equipment. Our goal is to help you strive in conversation with friends and family with treatment for your hearing loss and good communication strategies. We love helping people reconnect with their loved ones, friends, and coworkers through better hearing. Our passion is helping you hear better so you can enjoy your passions, too.

Getting Fit with your hearing device

The decision to be proactive about your hearing health is the start of a wonderful journey to better communication and overall quality of life. When you are fit with your devices for the first time, we take you step by step over a series of appointments to make sure you are a confident and successful with your hearing aids. Our doctors of audiology use a scientific verification system that helps to create a prescription for your specific hearing loss within the manufacturers’ sophisticated software that allows us to adjust your devices for your comfort.

Our audiologists will make recommendations for the amplification device that best fits your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. Our clinic has technology that can support some of the most severe hearing losses and support some of the most active lifestyles. Our amplification devices also have accessory options that can maximize your ability to hear in a multitude of different environments, including ones with excessive background noise. Our audiologists go through extensive training with the devices to make sure you get the most benefit possible with amplification

Real Ear Measurements

When correcting your hearing loss, it is important that the prescription of the devices is verified. Prescriptions are verified through the process of real ear measurement, or speech mapping. Real Ear Measurements check the prescriptive targets we are trying to achieve to properly correct your hearing loss. Knowing the science behind your hearing loss and what your brain needs is only part of the process; every ear is sized and shaped differently which can impact how much or little of sound is being produced by the hearing device. This measurement considers your ear anatomy to better fine tune your devices to provide the patient with maximum benefit. Two people with the same hearing loss will need different adjustments based on the anatomy of their ear and how their brain processes sound.

Great group

"I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time. Dr Griffin and the staff know their stuff."

Marie S.

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